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Within the scope of the project developed by Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University in partnership with Duru Bulgur Company, Ahmet Wheat with a history of 2 thousand years is planned to be brought together with the producer.
It is planned that if high yield Ahmet Wheat is used, it will contribute 165 million TL to the economy. Ahmet Wheat, which is one of the seed heritages, is planned to be brought together with the producer.

The head of the Department of Bioengineering, Professor Dr. Nevzat Aydın, who gave information about the 4-year study, said that they count the days in order to re-farming of Ahmet Wheat, a local product of Turkey with 2 thousand years. Dr. Aydın stated, “This project that we have been carrying out with the University is an important example of correct farming practices. Earning to the economy by the planting of arid lands in Turkey is very important. The wheat grown in barren land will be more productive and quality with this seed we have bred. Hopefully, in the 100th year of our Republic, we will give Ahmet Wheat, 2 thousand years old, to all farmers.”

Pointing out that wheat production is very strategic for bread, the staple food item in Turkey, along with the essential nutrients such as pasta, pastry and bulgur, Dr. Aydın noted, “Self-sufficiency in wheat production has a vital importance. Currently there is 1 million tons of bulgur production in Turkey. This product has had a high demand from foreign countries recently. Meanwhile Ahmet Wheat which we have bred with our university is very susceptible to bulgur as a variety. We consider that it will make a strong contribution to domestic bulgur production with its regional climate suitability, yield, colour, quality and nutritional essence in Turkey.

On the other hand, it is discussed that this project could provide a support of 165 million TL, with the assessment made by prices of 2019, to the economy.

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