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Lütfi Bayraktar, the Chairman of the Board of the Hazelnut Agricultural Sales Cooperatives’ Association (FİSKOBİRLİK), stated that the hazelnuts of all producers who are stakeholders of the Association will be payed 50 kurush above the market price by the member cooperatives.

Bayraktar, in his written statement, said that they are ready to buy hazelnuts in every region where they operate and added, “Our cooperatives and our Association have completed their works in this direction. Now it is our producers’ turn from now on.”

Lütfi Bayraktar emphasized that the products of producers will be figured out by the member cooperatives according to the 50 percent efficiency calculation procedure and will be payed 50 kurush above the price formed in the market.

Indicating that they have started a new campaign recently, Bayraktar concluded, “We want all our hazelnut producers to become partners with FİSKOBİRLİK in order to protect their hazelnuts and their Association. The stronger the FİSKOBİRLİK, the stronger our producers. If the Association develops, our producers will develop. We invite you to act with the awareness, to become a partner of FİSKOBİRLİK and to deliver your hazelnuts.”


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