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Exporters are pleased with the increase in sugar beet production!

Celal Kadooğlu, Chair of the Southeastern Anatolia Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products Exporters Association, stated that the interest of farmers in sugar beet is high in Türkiye this year and drew attention to the decline in global sugar stocks.

Kadooğlu said, “We had a good harvest in the country this year. We are pleased with the increase in production in one of our most basic raw materials.”

According to the 2nd Estimation of Crop Production for 2023 announced by TurkStat, sugar beet production is expected to soar by 16.9% this year and reach 22.5 million tonnes.

Celal Kadooğlu emphasised that they positively evaluate the increase in sugar beet cultivation areas in Türkiye and stated that the world is facing some problems in sugar beet production, which is in the harvesting shift.

Global sugar prices are high…

“Considering that the country’s annual exports of biscuits, cakes, sugar and cocoa products will exceed USD 3.5 billion by the end of the year, it will be seen how important sugar as a raw material has an important place in our food exports. Global sugar prices have been hovering at high levels for some time. Since its areas of use have become widespread, sugar is in high demand regardless of its price,” he added.

Kadooğlu, evaluating the climate-related problems in sugar production of the countries that export the most sugar in the world this year, continued as follows:

“Since India, the largest sugar producer, spent the summer with drought problems, we hear that the products in this region have not developed sufficiently. Problems due to El Nino also continue in Thailand. Sugar prices have stabilised for some time due to increased production in Brazil, another sugar giant, but if oil prices start to rise again next year, we expect this to hike demand for sugar for ethanol production. Sugar will remain important for food security in 2024.”

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