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Gaziantep baklava, Aydın fig, Aydın chestnut, Malatya apricot, Milas olive oil, Bayramiç white, Taşköprü garlic, Giresun plump hazelnut, Antakya künefesi, Suruç pomegranate, Çağlayancerit walnut, Gemlik olive, Edremit olive oil and Milas oil olive brought Türkiye’s total number of geographical indication registrations in the EU to 14.

Gemlik olive
Gaziantep baklava

A geographical indication is considered as a quality mark that indicates and guarantees a product that is identified with the region or country of origin in terms of a distinctive quality, reputation or other characteristics. The protection of the quality standards of local products and transferring them to future generations, avoiding imitations, meeting and registering the locality with the world is also done with the geographical indication application. This sign adds value both to the labour of the people of the region and to its promotion and image.

Safranbolu saffron
Taşköprü garlic

According to TURKPATENT data, Edremit olive oil, which is seen as a unique flavour with its characteristic features taken from the geography where it is grown, became the 5th geographical indication registered in the EU in 2023 and the second olive oil to obtain the right to protection after Milas olive oil.

Antakya künefe

“We have five more products with geographical indications to be registered in the European Union this year”

Türkiye has 40 products waiting for application for EU geographical indication registration. Geographical indications whose applications are approved by the EU are registered in the EU Official Journal after the 3-month objection period expires.

Ezine cheese

On the other hand, Türkiye currently has 14 registered geographical indications before the European Union. According to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, the number of registered geographical indications in the European Union will increase to 19 with the registration of Ayaş Tomato, Edremit Bay Green Scratch Olive, Ezine Cheese, Maraş Tarhana and Safranbolu Saffron before the end of 2023…

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