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Türkiye foresees no issues in wheat supply in new season…

Türkiye expects no challenges with the wheat supply in the new season, according to industry representatives on Sunday.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Gülfem Eren, chairperson of the board of the Cereal Suppliers Association (HUBUDER), said that wheat production worldwide is expected to be good this season.

Pointing out that along with production, consumption has also increased globally, Eren said that last year marked a period with relatively low prices and no supply issues.

Emphasizing that similar to the global trends, the production in Türkiye was also quite good last year, Eren conveyed they expected good production again.

Gülfem Eren

“Despite some localized drought problems this year, the recent rains have brought positive developments for the harvest, and we expect good production again,” she noted.

“Türkiye is entering the season with good stock from last year. Therefore, we believe there will be no supply issues in the new season,” she added.

Furthermore, Eren said that due to both the presence of stocks and good production this year, they do not expect high intervention purchase prices from the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) and that the government would not want to restock again.

“Although global wheat prices have not fallen to pre-pandemic levels, they are currently at low levels. As suppliers, we aim to alleviate the state’s burden as much as possible and stock up this season,” she explained.

Haluk Tezcan, chairperson of the board of the Turkish Flour Industrialists Federation (TUSAF), said that last year was a productive season and that wheat stocks are at high levels.

Emphasizing the importance of stocks, in terms for industry representatives to look ahead, Tezcan said: “Albeit slightly, drought concerns are continuing, this year too. We think the product will be under stress due to this. We foresee that yields will be slightly lower than last year but we predict that we will not face the danger of drought.”

Haluk Tezcan

“I hope it will be a productive season for our country. The wheat Türkiye has is sufficient for this year’s flour production,” said Tezcan.

However, he noted that global events also impact prices, adding, “It is very important for our sector that there are no difficulties.”

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