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The Water Policies Association has made a study considering the predictions that there will be a change and nothing will be the same after the COVID-19 global epidemic. In this study, the status of digital technology applications started in Water Services Management in the rapidly digitalizing world was examined. In the report titled Digital Water World, the applications of digital technologies in the water sector were also emphasized and why the change in water was important.

The following sentences are included at the beginning of the statement in this report.

“Digital water or smart water applications of the near future will be included in the Smart City concept and will be implemented. For this reason, the explanations that nothing will be the same after COVID-19, which is made a lot nowadays, reveals that the change towards the digital world will be accelerated in the coming years. However, it remains unclear where the direction of this change will be and how much human rights and social interests will be taken into account in the change that will occur and where the human might be located in this new world. The way these concepts become more known from the above-mentioned aspects is to examine, monitor and be aware of this change first. The analysis of the data to be obtained here will enable this change to be handled in terms of our national, social and social interests. This evaluation will allow us to synthesize with the knowledge and ideas about the management of this evolution.”

Dursun Yıldız, President of the Water Policy Association, said, “In this report, we investigated technological developments and innovative practices in the field of water services management. We are trying to increase the awareness of the relevant institutions and organizations in this regard. It will be beneficial for each sector to develop its level of technological literacy in its field.”

Yıldız added, “We will continue our works with various meetings and seminars that we will be carried out in a virtual environment.”

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