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Fisheries exports run to 1.5 billion dollars…

While the export of Turkiye’s fisheries and animal products industry in the last 12 months were 3 billion 590 million dollars, the aquaculture industry made the biggest contribution with 1 billion 436 million dollars of exports.

Ege gıda ihracatında şampiyon, su ürünleri ve hayvansal mamuller sektörü!

The seafood industry was followed by the poultry meat and egg industry with an export of 1 billion 312 million dollars. While poultry meat exported 926 million dollars, the egg export increased to 386 million dollars.

The dairy products sector, which was encouraged by the export visa it received to China, showed an export performance of 486 million dollars. While the honey sector brought 33 million dollars to the country, 303 million dollars of foreign exchange was obtained from the export of other products.

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