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Unmanned tractors, the latest favourite of the smart agriculture market, which grows by an average of 10.1 pct every year and is expected to reach 20.8 billion dollars by 2026, will guide the agriculture of the future. John Deere, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and sold in more than 160 countries, is expected to launch driverless tractors that can be controlled via mobile phones towards the end of the year.

John Deere “IPSO Tarım” güvencesiyle faaliyetlerine devam ediyor – Profi  Traktör Türkiye
Özgür Barış Eryüz

It is thought that driverless tractors, which are described as a revolution in agricultural technology, will add a new dimension to agriculture. Making a statement on the subject, Özgür Barış Eryüz, General Manager of IPSO Agriculture, the Turkiye distributor of John Deere, said, “Technological developments have begun to shape agriculture as well as all areas of life. The aim in agriculture is always to achieve the highest efficiency, which is now even easier thanks to new software and hardware. It will be easier to get the highest efficiency thanks to the fully autonomous driverless tractors that we will bring together with the manufacturers towards the end of 2022.”

“Driverless tractors, which will enable better management of air and water resources by cultivating the soil with less loss, will meet with farmers at the end of the year. Thus, natural resources such as air and water are now better managed and the land will be cultivated with less loss,” Eryüz added…

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