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Lemon-flavoured sauce to be banned in order to safeguard consumer health…

In a move to enhance consumer protection, the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry has introduced measures to prohibit the production of sauce artificially flavoured with lemon aroma in the domestic market.

Selim Kaplan

Selim Kaplan, head of Food Enterprises and Codex Department, at the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, elaborated on the decision, citing a similar initiative in 2023 related to pomegranate-flavoured products.

Kaplan emphasized the ministry’s commitment to directly producing lemon juice to enhance the value of the product and safeguard consumer interests. The forthcoming decision, expected to be published soon, will restrict the production and availability of products labeled as lemon sauce.

Market inspections of lemon-flavoured sauces will be conducted following the implementation of the bans, covering both food enterprises and restaurants. Kaplan noted the prevalence of products in the market that lack actual lemon content, stating that many offerings contain minimal amounts of lemon, with the majority comprising alternative ingredients.

Highlighting a 75 percent increase in Türkiye’s lemon production compared to the previous year, Kaplan questioned the relevance of offering lemon sauces that give the impression of containing actual juice during abundant production of the genuine product. The ministry’s decision aims to address misleading product representations and ensure transparency for the consumer.

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