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In Turkey, which holds approximately 70 percent of the world’s oregano (thyme) exports, 69 million dollars of oregano was exported in 2020.

As for oregano, which contributes approximately 1 billion TL to the country’s economy, OGM (General Directorate of Forestry) will produce 420 thousand oregano saplings in 2021.

Struggling for the protection and development of forest assets, OGM continues to contribute to both the forest villagers and the country’s economy with the income-generating species obtained from the forest.

According to the inventory and utilization plan records of OGM, there are 54 thousand 596 tonnes of usable oregano in an area of ​​343 thousand 683 hectares in forest areas.

OGM, which also produces oregano saplings in forest nurseries and produced 233,000 seedlings last year, will produce 420 thousand thyme saplings for this year.

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