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The European Parliament has decided not to pass Amendment 171. This means that, in Europe, dairy-free products can now use dairy-related terms such as buttery and creamy.

In October 2020, the European Commission voted to ban dairy-related terms, such as buttery and creamy for plant-based foods. But, less than 7 months later, the European Parliament decided not to pass Amendment 171.

Amendment 171 would have banned:

  • Descriptive terms such as creamy, buttery, use like cooking cream or vegan alternative to yoghurt;
  • Allergen information such as does not contain milk; and
  • Science-based claims that compare plant-based foods to dairy foods. An example of this is: half the carbon emissions of dairy butter.

Amendment 171 criticised

Amendment 171 got a lot of criticism from plant-based food producers, environmental groups and consumers. The amendment would prevent manufacturers from informing consumers about the benefits of plant-based products. This was one of the major issues.

European consumers are buying more plant-based foods. This is a trend we expect to continue. The increase in demand is due to:

  • Ethical reasons;
  • Environmental concerns; and
  • The perceived health benefits of plant-based foods.

Opportunities for suppliers from developing countries

The decision not to pass Amendment 171 and the growing demand for plant-based foods create an opportunity for suppliers of natural food additives. This is especially true for seaweed extracts carrageenan and agar-agar, as well as natural gums. Companies use these ingredients in plant-based products. They have functional and active properties, as well as health benefits. Combined with other additives, these ingredients can add a creamy and buttery flavour and texture.

To benefit from this opportunity, find out about the benefits of your natural food additive. Also, look at its uses in plant-based alternatives. Inform buyers about these, as they will make your product more appealing.

Source: www.cbi.eu

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