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Press release…

While meat and milk prices continue to increase in markets and grocery stores in our country, the input costs of the producers such as feed, fuel oil, electricity, water and fertilizer are constantly increasing. However milk price has been the same since 15 November 2019.

Animal slaughter prices declined from 40 TL to 33-35 TL and the livestock producers have become poorer at a rate of approximately 40 percent.

In this situation, producers have started to borrow in order to get by. If the process keeps on like this, we will have to continue slaughtering the animals we have.

What really matters is the domestic production, we should abandon the agricultural policy of imports and support our domestic producers.

As a solution, our ministry should update milk prices as soon as possible, determine how much support the producer will receive in which period and intervene in input costs.

During the pandemic period, we can see that without food, life does not exist.


Union of İzmir Region Agricultural Development Cooperatives – KöyKoop,

Board of Directors

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