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Producer price index of agricultural products, may 2019…

Producer Price Index of Agricultural Products, May 2019…

Agriculture PPI decreased by 0.95% in May…

Producer price index of agricultural products (Agriculture – PPI), in May 2019, decreased by 0.95% compared with the previous month, increased by 13.34% compared with December of the previous year, increased by 30.23% compared with the same month of the previous year and increased by 19.93% compared with twelve months averages.

Compared to the previous month; forestry products increased by 0.09%, however, agriculture and hunting products decreased by 0.78% and fishing decreased by 7.79%.

The highest monthly increase was in perennial crops

Regarding monthly changes by main groups; perennial crops increased by 5.96% and live animals and animal products increased by 0.61%, however, non-perennial crops decreased by 4.52%.

The vegetables from sub-agriculture groups decreased by 9.92%

From sub-agriculture groups; there were increases for other tree and bush fruits and nuts by 7.57%, for cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds by 4.69%, for sheep and goats, live; raw milk and shorn wool from sheep and goats by 1.27%, however, there were decreases for fibre plants by 8.04% and for poultry, live and eggs by 6.06%.

In May 2019, 82 items were included in the Agriculture PPI; while 6 new item was included this month, prices of 37 items increased, prices of 27 items decreased and prices of 12 items remained unchanged with respect to previous month.


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