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The era of artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture…

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced that the sunn pest, which reduces the yield quality of grain, will be tracked with artificial intelligence and spraying will be carried out only in the needed areas, thanks to the remote camera system and sensors developed by the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (TAGEM). Thus, it was stated that while the costs would decrease, the fertility of the land would not decrease either.

The “Predictive Warning Model Development Project“, which was developed to combat sunn pest, which reduces the yield and quality of the product in grains, has come to an end. With the project, an artificial intelligence-based system was created that can detect adult worms with remote cameras. The artificial intelligence-based sensor developed by TAGEM has been tested in Aksaray and Kırşehir provinces for two years. The study was also applied in Konya province. While it is aimed to carry out the pest control with fewer personnel and less financial resources; by attaching the sunn pests to the sensor and camera, a spraying warning will be made to the farmer. In this way, pesticides will be applied only in the required area and a high cost savings will be achieved.


​Digital services in agriculture will be expanded by closely following the technological and scientific developments in the sector. With the improved algorithms and software, plant production planning, classification of plants, yield estimation, detection of plant diseases, pests and weeds have become possible.

Investments made in this field will carry the agricultural sector of our country to a higher point.

The establishment of smart agriculture systems promises to achieve very important productivity increases in global food production, processing and distribution, of which our country is a part.

We are determined to continue the practices that will contribute to the R&D and innovation-based production model in the future, as in the past, in achieving our strategic goals on a national scale…

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