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Milk Lamb meets Bergama, Kınık and Dikili districts…

Milk Lamb Project, while expanding the distribution area in the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, continues to be a lifeline for the producer by increasing the number of cooperatives from which milk is purchased.

The growth of the project, where 8 litres of milk is distributed once a month to children aged 1-5, makes the producers smile together with the children. By removing intermediaries and purchasing directly through cooperatives, producers’ milk is sold at its value.

With the Milk Lamb project, which expanded the distribution area with the inclusion of milk producers in Bergama district in July 2019, milk will be distributed to children in Bayındır, Bergama, Dikili, Ödemiş, Kınık and Selçuk district centers as of September 2020. Children will grow up healthier with the milk of animals fed in natural highlands.

“New investments increased in the region”

Stating that cooperatives are also supported with the Milk Lamb Project, Chairperson of İzmir Village Cooperatives Union Neptün Soyer said, “It is necessary to ensure that the farmer continues to produce. If this is not achieved, the city dweller cannot meet healthy and economical food. Cooperatives are of great importance for the survival of the producers.”

Underlining that producing and sharing fairly together is one of the prerequisites for ensuring the continuity of agricultural production, she added, “In this respect, we attach great importance to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality bringing the Milk Lamb Project together with the producers in other regions and our cooperative partners. Thus new investments have obtained an importance in the region.”

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