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Mehmet Cirav: Early estimates of hazelnut yield are not realistic

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Mehmet Cirav, Chairman of the Hazelnut and Hazelnut Products Sector Committee of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters’ Association (DKİB), said that they did not find the estimates of the new season hazelnut yield, which started to be discussed in the markets, realistic.

Mehmet Cirav

“Because no one has taken into account that the air temperatures in the coming months, which is the most important factor, may have a significant effect on the hazelnut crop and we state that realistic yield determinations can only be made in the last weeks of July,” Cirav said.

Mehmet Cirav, who also mentioned that these vicious discussions in hazelnut every period are unwarranted and far from scientific reality, stated that the important thing is to ensure sustainability in hazelnut production and exports and that the discussions and demands made only on a seasonal basis every year cause great damage to the sustainability of the hazelnut product.

Emphasising that it is very important for the hazelnut producer to urgently focus on maintenance and renewal works in the gardens and to carry out works to enhance the yield by taking into account the negativities caused by climate change, Cirav explained, “Otherwise, as a result of the decrease in yield, the producer will try to solve the losses of the producer by focusing on price hikes and high prices, which will cause great damage to hazelnut agriculture. Indicatibg that the producers are supported for the production of quality products in agricultural products as in the whole world, Cirav noted that agricultural supports should be focused on quality production in our country.

Cirav also mentioned that 80 percent of the hazelnuts produced in the country are exported, so price stability and sustainability are very important in exports and added that the most important issues that the buyer countries now attach the most importance to are sustainability rules such as European Green Agreement, compliance with environmental rules and price stability.

“It is now the most important issue for all stakeholders to create a common policy on how to increase yield, quality and production and the discussions in the market will end with the announcement of hazelnut prices before the harvest with the determination of harvest based on real data in accordance with scientific principles,” Cirav concluded…

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