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Nafiz Koçak: We meet 65 percent of the world’s rose oil production

Gülbirlik (Rose and Rose Oil Agriculture Sales Cooperatives Union) Deputy General Manager Nafiz Koçak said that in Türkiye’s rose production centre of Isparta, which meets 65 percent of the world rose oil production, the price of rose oil has exceeded 12 thousand euros per litre.

Nafiz Koçak

“Although the yield remained low due to unfavourable climatic conditions, Isparta rose and rose oil has become a worldwide brand,” Koçak said.


Stating that Isparta, where 65 percent of the world’s need for rose oil is met, has become a brand in the world in rose oil, Koçak noted, “When it comes to quality, Isparta rose and Isparta rose oil come to mind. This is now the standard of the world. When we look at us, we have an annual production amount of the world.”

Pointing out that they also produce rose oil and rose confetti in the amount they have determined and planned for their customers and their own market, Koçak explained, “This year, we have made a production plan again in quantities close to last year’s amount and we are about to realise it. When you look at the end of the season last year, the market export prices of rose oil were around 12 thousand euro. This year, considering the economic conditions and some factors, I think it is expected to be above 12 thousand euros again. It is not right to give a clear figure at the moment, but we believe that it will be over 12 thousand euros. Because the indicators show this.”


Stating that the rose oil obtained is exported to many countries in the world, Koçak added, “France, England, America, India, Japan at certain intervals, but the most intense centre of this is known as France. Because the biggest essence companies of the cosmetics and perfumes industry are in that region, it is intensively exported to France. Exports are also made to these countries in certain quantities during the year.”

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