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“InterFresh Fair will be held in Izmir this year!”

Press release…

Hayrettin Uçak, Head of Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association (EYMSİB), said that they successfully carried out many projects to ramp up their exports in 2023.

“We ended our 2 Urge (Development of International Competitiveness) Projects, which we carried out with the participation of a total of 32 member companies within the scope of overseas promotion activities and supported by our Ministry of Trade at a rate of 75 percent, with trade delegations to Indonesia and Singapore. We rolled up our sleeves for a new Urge project without wasting time and we are kicking off our new Urge programme with 39 companies as of this month,” he said.

“In 2024, our route will be markets such as Singapore, China and South Korea in line with the Far Markets Strategy of our Ministry of Trade. We will focus our promotional activities in these countries,” he noted.

Pointing out that they have brought the InterFresh Fair, which is Türkiye’s only fresh fruit and vegetable exhibition held in Antalya until today, to Izmir after serious initiatives, Uçak explained, “The fair will be held in Izmir for the first time in 2024. We are excited about this. We are planning to hold a well-attended promotional meeting for the InterFresh Izmir fair, which will take place on 26-28 September, in the coming period.”

TURQUALITY Project on the way…

Reminding that Türkiye has set an export target of 400 billion dollars for the end of 2028, Uçak added, “We will start the Turquality Projects supported by the Ministry of Trade in 2024 in addition to the Urge Project in order to achieve this target. I think that our Turquality projects will make a great impact in the coming period and will make a great contribution to the promotion of our country’s products.”

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