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Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers (TZOB) President Şemsi Bayraktar said that the importance of the agricultural sector has been better understood with the coronavirus epidemic.

Stating that on the occasion of the World Food Day, they thank once again to our veteran farmers who meet our food needs by producing devotedly, Bayraktar said, “If the agriculture and food sector, which plays a vital role in this process, stops, life in our country stops too.”

“Access to healthy and sufficient food is the most basic right of every individual”

Bayraktar noted, “Although enough food is produced for everyone in the world, the number of people suffering from hunger is not decreasing. Our farmers, who provided the food security of the country despite all the difficulties, continued to stay in their fields and continue production by showing great sacrifice.”

“One of the heroes of the fight against coronavirus is the Turkish farmer”

Indicating that as “Agriculture means food security,” Bayraktar explained,

“We have to support our farmers to ensure our food security. In order for the production to continue increasingly, the farmers must earn sufficient income. Our farmers earn only a third of the income of other segments and this is not sustainable. Our sector, which provides the food security of our country, has important problems waiting to be solved, especially structural problems.”

“Turkey in the way of all sorts of food security in our country as the Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers, we will continue to provide a positive contribution,” Bayraktar added.

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