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The 1st GastroRize National Rize Gastronomy Days, hosted by the Municipality of Rize, where the local flavours of the province were introduced.

In the event that brought together names from the world of gastronomy, in addition to local tastes and gastronomy programmes, the provincial bio-diversity, tea and agriculture, local markets, historical Rize houses and Rize architecture, traditional restaurants, farmers, fishermen, historical features and harvest time promotion activities. is also included.

Within the scope of GastroRize, which aims to introduce Rize region, which is known for its local flavours as well as its natural and historical riches, to the world, participants were informed about the production stages of tea at a tea production centre in Çayeli district and teas were tasted.

Tea garden

Rize Mayor Rahmi Metin accompanied the visitors who participated in the tea harvest.

In his statement, Metin emphasized that gastronomy experts and journalists who come to the city will recognize the taste stops in Rize.

Metin said, “We will be instrumental in promoting our meals prepared with organic ingredients that we have used here for years, in world cuisines and in our chain hotels, as ‘Rize tea, cuisine, breakfast’.”

Pointing out that people who visited Rize found the city’s food delicious and liked the restaurants, Metin added, “Maybe we weren’t aware of this because we have been here for years, but on this occasion we want to introduce it to Turkey by being aware of it. Because this geography is a special one. It is a geography that receives the most rainfall and creates the most mountainous lands in its own way. It is a very local geography. As a region, only tea grows here. 70 percent of the tea in Turkey is grown in this region, 100 percent of it, together with 2-3 districts around us. The fact that this plant grows here shows that this geography and climate are very special. It has antioxidant value.”

“The presence of purple foods in this region always reminds us of something: we are in a geography that is good for health and naturalness. We want to introduce our dishes and products grown in the region to Turkish cuisine thanks to the GastroRize days,” Metin concluded…

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