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July 25, 2019

Turkey’s waste bill amounts to 555 billion liras!

Everyday 6 million breads go to landfills!

Balance sheet of waste unveiled in Turkey. It reaches 15 percent of GDP!

A new report prepared by Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation (TİSVA) reveals that 15 percent of national income is wasted.

Wastage of energy, fruit-vegetables, bread and water reaches such dimensions that the loss of national income makes up 555 billion liras.

214 billion liras of food waste!

Every day 6 million breads are trashed!

35 liras of every 100 liras electricity bill can be saved.

One of the biggest wastage items is energy. According to the report, every 100 liras electricity bill has a potential of saving 35 liras.

Turkey’s total energy saving potential has been identified as 25 percent. In fact, if waste is prevented only in housing this would mean a considerable saving. Namely, the share of lighting in the total electrical energy consumed in Turkey is given as 25 percent.

Source: www.israf.org

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