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Sinan Kızıltan: Turkish fishery and animal products sector exports more than 100 countries

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While the fisheries and animal products sector is represented by 21 companies in the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) Top 1000 exporters list, Aegean fisheries and animal products exporters dominated the list with 11 companies.

Sinan Kızıltan

The Fisheries and Animal Products Sector, which has been among the star sectors of exports in Türkiye after 2000, became the second sector with the highest number of representatives among the food sectors with 21 companies in the 2023 TIM Top 1000 Exporters List announced by the Turkish Exporters Assembly.

Sinan Kızıltan, Chairman of the Sector Board of the Turkish Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters’ Associations, said that they succeeded in taking place in the TIM Top 1000 Exporters List with 21 companies after these efforts and that 12 of the 21 companies are Aegean exporter companies and they are proud of this.

Emphasising that 11 Aegean companies have succeeded in exporting 1 billion 250 million dollars in 2023, Kızıltan said: “In our fishery, poultry, egg, dairy and honey sub-sectors, we meet Türkiye’s needs and export to more than 100 countries. It is necessary to look at exports as the insurance of our producers. As long as there are no restrictions on exports, our producers produce.”

“Export restrictions harm both our producers, exporters and the image of our country. If there are no export restrictions, we have the potential to ramp up the number of companies in the TIM Top 1000 Exporters List in 2024,” Kızıltan added…

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