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Düzce Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Necdet Çiçek called on the producers to collect the hazelnuts, which are called “green gold”, from the ground, not from the branch, for quality increase.

Çiçek stated that the harvest should be done after the hazelnut completes its ripening phase and that the ripening of the hazelnut is in direct proportion to its fall to the ground.

Indicating that there are 75 thousand hectares of agricultural land in the province, Çiçek said that 85 percent of the farmers earn their living from hazelnuts.

Çiçek added, “Hazelnut production area in the province is approximately 63 thousand hectares and that the hazelnut product is a product subject to export.”

Pointing out that 85 percent of the agricultural land in the province belongs to hazelnut cultivation, Çiçek concluded, “When we look at the hazelnut production areas, we are in the sixth place in the country ranking, but in the fourth place in terms of production.”

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