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Alanya, a district of Türkiye’s Mediterranean coast province Antalya, Chamber of Agriculture Chairperson Tahir Göktepe said that there is a significant potential in Türkiye in terms of tropical fruit production and that mango producers can earn 500 thousand liras per decare (dönüm).

Tahir Göktepe

Göktepe said, “Currently, the production cost is 50 thousand liras per decare, the rest is profit. Mango production will contribute greatly to the export of agricultural products.”

Stating that the lands that have lost their forest quality in Mersin and Antalya provinces should be opened to agriculture, Göktepe added, “Mango, avocado, dragon fruit and other tropical fruit saplings should be planted here. Contract farming should also be expanded.”

Pointing out that Türkiye can reach the potential to export 10 billion dollars worth of tropical fruits within 10 years, Göktepe concluded,

“As of September 15, 2022, investment credits in banana greenhouses have been terminated with the communiqué. Subsidized loans of up to 10 million TL for greenhouse mango production continue. For this reason, investors and our farmer candidates who will be involved in new production can invest in mango greenhouses.”


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