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Press release…

The bill regarding the ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement was accepted unanimously in the General Assembly of the Parliament (Grand National Assembly – TBMM) and entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette.

Jak Eskinazi

Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EİB) Coordinator Chair, Jak Eskinazi, reminded that Turkey is the only OECD and G20 country that has not ratified the agreement until now and said:

“In the process after the Kyoto Protocol, which ended in 2020, 197 countries have signed the Paris Agreement, which clarifies the global climate regime and 191 have ratified it. Turkey completed the process by becoming a party to the agreement it signed 5 years ago and became the 192nd country to ratify the agreement. Even though it’s late and a waste of time, it’s a positive step. Turkey has too many processes to be involved in, too many things to improve. Our country should really see the climate crisis as a problem and all parties should work actively in the next process. Parties to the agreement set their own targets with their national contribution declarations. Investments that transform all sectors in Europe are taking place right next to Turkey.”

No innovation without R&D investment…

According to Eskinazi, who explains that this situation is not the monopoly of a single person, all stakeholders need to take an active role and include them in the decision processes.

“Criticism, freedom, participation and pluralism are the most important parts of climate policies, as in every field. Turkey ranks 41st in the WIPO 2021 Global Innovation Index in proportion to its level of development. 3.17 percent of Germany’s GDP, 3.28 percent of Japan’s GDP, 3.39 percent of Sweden GDP and 4.53 percent of South Korea GDP are allocated to R&D. Turkey, on the other hand, invests only 1 percent of its GDP in R&D. Turkey is the only country among OECD countries to reduce its share of R&D investments in the state budget in 2020,” Eskinazi added.

“If R&D investment is made, innovation will occur and if innovation is made, there will be qualified sustainable economic growth. Necessary contribution should be made for green investment mobilization and R&D resources should be improved,” Eskinazi concluded…


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