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Professor Dr. Halim Orta, the Lecturer of Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Faculty of Agriculture, Biosystem Engineering Department of Land and Water Resources, said that there is a serious problem due to the drought.

Professor Dr. Halim Orta

Dr. Orta said, “On this occasion, we will use and store water with care, we need to use aboveground water resources and keep groundwater as a reserve. We always try to use groundwater,but we have finished it, we have consumed it.”

Thrace region, one of the most important centres of products such as rice, wheat and sunflower, experiencing the driest period of the last 91 years.

While producers lost yields in crops such as sunflower and wheat due to drought, according to State Hydraulic Works (DSI) data, the occupancy rate in the dams across the region was measured as 33 percent.

’85 percent of underground waters in Thrace region used up’

Underground waters started to run out in Thrace region, where drought was experienced. In addition to agriculture, the increasing industrial establishments in the region were shown as an important factor in the depletion of groundwater. Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Çorlu Engineering Faculty Dean Professor Dr. Lokman Hakan Tecer stated that underground waters in Thrace have given alarm.

Professor Dr. Lokman Hakan Tecer

On the other hand Dr. Orta stated, “With a rough calculation, there is a groundwater level of 16-17 cubic meters of groundwater in the Tekirdağ region. So, with this consumption method, we will come to the point where the groundwater level can no longer be used, this is inevitable.”

“Therefore, ground water is alarming,” Dr. Orta added…

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