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As the domestic and international demand for avocado, whose homeland is Mexico, increased, the fruit’s production area in Antalya also expanded.

Having a say in the production of fresh vegetables and fruits, Antalya region’s product variety is increasing every year. In the province, where more than 30 tropical fruits from mango to pineapple, papaya to kumquat, dragon fruit to passiflora are grown, avocado production has soared significantly in recent years.

Gökhan Karaca

Both the high economic return of avocado and the rise in demand were decisive in the increase in production. 7 thousand tonnes of Turkey’s avocado production, which is 9 thousand tonnes, is made in Antalya province.
Gökhan Karaca, Provincial Director of Antalya Agriculture and Forestry said that avocado cultivation in Turkiye was first started in Alanya, Gazipaşa and Anamur districts.

Expressing that avocado consumption has risen both in Turkiye and in the world in recent years, Karaca stated that the production area in Antalya has increased to 21 thousand decares.

Karaca said that while the farmers are making production plans, they tend to crops with high added value and which will be preferred more.

“Avocado production in the province has expanded more than 3 times in the last 5 years. Too many avocado seedlings have met with the soil in the orchards. We observe that production will increase in the coming years,” Karaca added.

Karaca also said that avocado has entered many diet lists, which is effective in growing the demand for the product.

Explaining that avocados are grown in the open field, but in some places, production has also begun in greenhouses, Karaca noted that productive results have also been obtained in the greenhouses.

Pointing out that the most avocado production in the country is in Antalya, Karaca concluded, “Currently, too many local farmers are producing avocados economically. There is approximately 9 thousand tonnes of avocado production in our country and 7 thousand tons of this amount is grown in Antalya. It is a fruit that is exported but also imported. In this respect, our priority is to meet our own needs. Even though its exports are low, avocados will be an important export product with the rapid increase in production in the coming years.”

Source: Growtech AgriPost

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