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Press release…

They set an export target of 1.5 billion dollars by 2023…

While Turkey’s fresh fruit, vegetable and products sectors reached 5 billion 111 million dollars in exports in 2021, Aegean exporters increased their exports by 60 percent in the last four years and realized 23 percent of this export with a performance of 1 billion 182 million dollars.

Stating that they broke export records for the last 4 years by exporting the flavours grown in the Aegean Region to all over the world, Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters’ Association Chairperson Hayrettin Uçak said, “We aim to export flavours of 1 billion 300 million dollars for 2022 and 1.5 billion dollars for 2023. We are proud of being the leading sector in plant product exports in the Aegean Region.”

Explaining that they boosted their exports from 739 million dollars in 2017 to 1 billion 182 million dollars with an increase of 60 percent at the end of 2021, along with over 600 members, Uçak added, “With the pandemic, there has been a rise in demand in exports of fresh fruits, vegetables and products. Pepper and gherkin pickles became the leader with 220 million dollars. Water, juice and tomato paste were followed by pickled peppers and gherkins. Germany, America, the Netherlands, England and Italy have become our most important markets. In the fresh fruit and vegetable group, the champion of 2021 was fresh grapes with an export of 68 million dollars, followed by tomato, cherry and tangerine. Russia, Germany, Italy, Ukraine and Romania came to the fore as the countries to which we export the most”.

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