Karaman'ın Ayrancı ilçesinde üretilen ve özelliğini saklandığı mağaradan alan "Türk rokforu" olarak nitelendirilen "Divle Obruk Peyniri" mağaradan çıkarılarak sofralarda yerini almaya başladı. ( Mehmet Çetin - Anadolu Ajansı )


Divle Obruk (sinkhole) Cheese, which is considered as a rival to the globally known ‘roquefort’ cheese of French produced in the cave in the Ayrancı district of Karaman province in Central Anatolia, was left in the cave for maturation along with sheep and goat skins.

Divle Obruk Cheese, sold at 150 liras at one kilogram, is accepted among the most delicious cheeses in the world.

In the village of Divle in the Ayrancı district of Karaman and the surrounding villages, cheese obtained from sheep and goat milk in April and May are put in tubes (tulum) made from sheep and goat leathers. Then it is placed in the Divle Obruk Cave, which is 256 metres long and 36 metres deep. Cheese is left to ripen until September and October in the cave, where the average temperature is 7 degrees in summer and winter and its humidity is 99 percent. It is extracted and sold after maturing. Divle Obruk Cheese, made by the villagers and registered in 2017, is considered to be a rival to the French ‘world-famous’ roquefort cheese. This year, a barcode system was applied to Divle Obruk Cheese of which demand continuously increase, in order to distinguish the fake ones.

The headman of the village of Divle, Tacettin Durna, said that the cheese was put in the cave from May to July, but this year the cave with a capacity of 45 tons has been filled up by now. Stating that Divle Obruk Cheese, which is shown among the most delicious cheeses in the world, takes its name from the cave where it has completed its maturation process, Durna said, “It will be offered for sale between 120 and 150 liras. Currently, there is no sale of the Divle Obruk Cheese in the market. The real Divle Obruk Cheese comes out as of September and is consumed in about 20 days period. However the market knows that the capacity of 45 tons is not sufficient. So we can not meet the demand. Lastly, if France has the Roquefort brand, Turkey has the Divle Obruk Cheese.”

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