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Press release…

Barem announced the “Global Climate Change Survey” on World Climate Day: “Turkey sees this issue as a threat”

May 2020

Barem and its global partner, WIN Group, inked an important research on “Global Climate Change” by discussing with nearly 30 thousand people in 39 countries.

The whole world is aware of the climate change that causes global warming, but it is divided into two in terms of humanity, threat and solution. While a group of close to half advocates an opportunity for comeback, the other half thinks it’s too late. Turkey, seeing as a threat this problem, is the first among 39 countries compared to 95 percent of the country. While China does not regard climate change as a threat, India is hopeless in the face of the problem. Because humanity is too late to solve the problem.

The research company Barem, together with its global partner WIN Group, has conducted an important research by contacting nearly 30 thousand people in 39 countries to compile their views on “Global Climate Change”. In the study, people’s thoughts on the existence of a climate change that causes global warming, the contribution of humanity if any, the threat to humanity and whether it is reversible were questioned. Interesting results came from the research.

The world is aware of the problem and worried…

The world shares the concern (86 percent) about the climate change that causes global warming and the opinions that global warming is human structure (84 percent) and it poses a danger to humanity (84 percent). In Turkey, the awareness rate is above the world average. According to the research, 95 percent of those who think that global warming is a serious threat to humanity and 90 percent of those who approve the idea that this is a result of human activities. Both worldwide, as well as climate change and increasing awareness of higher education in Turkey increased in women.

10 countries with highest awareness in Turkey…

When countries are ranked among top 10 countries and the last 10 countries with the rates of accepting global warming proposals; Turkey’s awareness of global warming seems to get one of the highest and ranked 5th in 10 countries. What is striking is that in the global warming awareness, countries such as the USA, the UK and Canada are in the last 10. While awareness rate of 94 percent in Turkey, this ratio is 72 percent in the US.

Research Tag: 29,368 people were interviewed in 39 countries in November-December 2019. CATI interviews were conducted with 601 people in Turkey.

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