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“We export tomato from Manisa greenhouses to the Netherlands”

Exports from Manisa to the Netherlands, the centre of horticulture…

Tomato exports from Manisa greenhouses to the Netherlands, the centre of horticulture…

Türkiye’s Aegean province of Manisa, which has an important place in the country in terms of geothermal resources, uses this resource in agriculture and exports tomatoes to the Netherlands, the world centre of greenhouse farming.

Manisa Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Metin Öztürk stated that the fully automated greenhouses in Salihli district of Manisa make a significant contribution to exports with high efficiency and said, “We export to many difficult markets in Europe, markets with difficult criteria.”

In Manisa, which is one of the most important provinces among Türkiye’s geothermal resources, vapourous waters from geothermal are used in both heat and energy fields as well as in agriculture. Geothermal, which is used in many areas in the country, which ranks 7th in the world and first in Europe in terms of geothermal energy potential, also provides energy power in greenhouse cultivation.

“With the use of geothermal energy in greenhouse cultivation, the cost of heating, which is the most important input, is reduced and crops can be grown for 12 months of the year with soilless agriculture. While Afyonkarahisar, Izmir and Manisa provinces lead the way in geothermal greenhouse cultivation, Balıkesir Gönen and Denizli Sarayköy regions also have significant investments in geothermal greenhouse cultivation,” he added.

Increasing its strength in the field of geothermal greenhouse existence, Türkiye aims to boost the number of Greenhouse OTBs to 100 in 2028…

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