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Who We Are…

TARMAKBİR, The Turkish Association of Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers, is an initiative of Turkish private sector that found in 1978. Being the representative of the Turkish agricultural machinery industry, currently it has more than 200 member companies those are senior manufacturers of tractors and agricultural equipments.
TARMAKBİR is one of the oldest member associations in “Mechanical Industry Sector Platform of TURKEY” and has been entitled to use the word “Turkish” at the beginning of its title by a former decision of the Turkish Council of Ministers.
Being in a continuous interaction with governmental bodies and national & international organizations, TARMAKBİR serves as a common platform for the industry and supports its members through regulations, technical and scientific improvements, commercial issues, and data providing.

Membership List of TARMAKBİR;


Turkish Agricultural Mechanization Committee, Machinery Technical Committee, Agricultural Machinery Sub-Committee, Tractor Technical Sub-Committee, Turkish Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Assembly, Turkish Mechanical Industry Platform, Machinery Working Group, DEİK Foreign Economic Relations Board.


AGRIEVOLUTION Global Alliance of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer Associations, CEMA European Agricultural Machinery, ReCAMA Regional Council of Agricultural Machinery Associations in Asia and the Pacific.

TARMAKBİR also co-operates with universities and technology transfer offices to improve R&D capacity of its members. Among others, one of the current most important co-operation of TARMAKBİR is as follows;

Academic Advisory Group

Established in 2013 as an initiative of TARMAKBİR; the aim of this group is to improve university-industry co-operation, inform TARMAKBİR members about public or private sector granted new projects and as well as new university projects, and search collaboration opportunities for R&D efforts of TARMAKBİR members.
Group also attends to seminars, conferences or workshops within Turkey or abroad to share information on innovations and technological developments.

By favour of these memberships and collaborations, TARMAKBİR intends to provide its members with;
• an ability and awareness to manufacture high quality and safe machinery in accordance with relevant regulations and standards,
• updated knowledge on regulations and amendments, technology and innovation, market trends and trade opportunities,
• a chance to be aware and benefit from governmental supports and grants,
• a platform where sector problems and solutions discussed,
• short and long term sector strategies,
• an improved project cycle management ability,

To achieve these targets, TARMAKBİR organizes or participates in seminars, meetings and congresses where industry, academia and public representatives gather. Additionally, TARMAKBİR monitors and announces to its members anything that would be beneficial such as national and international improvements, exhibitions, tender notices and news.

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