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Press release…

Stating that persimmon is an important vitamin C store, it protects the body against infections and strengthens the body’s immune system because it is rich in antioxidants, Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters’ Association Chairperson Hayrettin Uçak said, “Persimmon trees begin to bear fruit in 2-3 years and this is such a variety of fruit that makes producers happy with its productivity and price.”

Persimmon tree

“Our 11-month export was 1 billion 58 million dollars”

Noting that they brake export records every year by increasing their product and market diversity in exports, Uçak added, “We increased our exports from 933 million dollars to 1 billion 58 million dollars in the January-November period of 2021 with an rise of 13 percent.”

Table grapes, cherries and tomatoes are leading export products…

Underlining that table grapes rank first among the most exported crops with an amount of 64 million dollars, Uçak concluded, “Our cherry exports were 39 million dollars and our tomato exports were 37 million dollars. While we reached 20 million dollars in tangerines, our chestnut exports soared to 20 million dollars. The export of the date group, which includes the persimmon, rose by 31 percent from 12 million dollars to 16 million dollars.”

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