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Ayhan Bakan, Board Member of the Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters’ Association (EZZİB), said that Germany stands out in table olive exports because of the expatriates (mostly workers) living in this country, in addition Iraq and Romania are neighbouring countries.

Stating that around 4 million Turkish citizens live in Germany, Ayhan Bakan said, “Our citizens in this country have food businesses there. They carry almost all of our food products to Germany. Olive is an important food product. Therefore, it is normal for Germany to be ahead of olive consumption. We aim to increase our exports even more.”

Pointing out that Turkey has been a major food supplier for the neighbours, Ayhan Bakan noted, “By the way Iraq’s olive demand increases every year.”

Indicating that Iraqi market has been dominated by Spain for years, Ayhan Bakan added, “Turkey has evolved in recent years in this market. Gemlik and other varieties also show an increase in this market. This is a welcome development.”

“Romania also consumes an average of 30-40 thousand tons of olives annually, so we will make the best use of this market,” Ayhan Bakan concluded…

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