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Lake Marmara in the western province of Manisa, which was once a bird sanctuary, has completely dried up, and its natural balance has been disturbed, informs an expert.

“In the last 30 years, the water level has gradually decreased. Today, neither a fish nor any living creature can be observed there as not a drop of water is left in the lake,” stated Erol Kesici, an officer from the Turkish Nature Conservation Association.

Erol Kesici

The lake basin hosted about 150 bird species and more than 20,000 waterfowls, producing a seasonal habitat, shelter and breeding area, Kesici added.

Pointing out that fishing is one of the essential sources of making a living for local people, Kesici noted that about 300,000 tons of fish could be caught annually with more than 400 fishing boats at the time when the lake preserved its natural features.

The expert also stated that the lake constitutes the most crucial water source for the region, where people’s main source of income comes from agriculture and animal husbandry.

Various vegetables and fruits were grown in the region, from grapes to corn, as the alluvial soils surrounding the lake were fertile, Kesici added.

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