Turkey Beekeepers Association (TAB) Chairman Ziya Şahin: Honey producers should be protected

Turkey Beekeepers Association Chairman Ziya Şahin said that they demanded from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to distinguish natural honey producers and unregistered ones, thus real honey producers might be protected.

Şahin said: “Honey producers who keep their lives away from families for 8 months in a year should be supported. Producers have such a demand from the Ministry, so they’d rather work on this issue.”

Şahin stated: “”In the current year, effects of bottleneck in the economy, felt in all sectors including beekeeping sector. While 80 percent of our beekeepers do this by transporting bees from region to region. At the same time we supply honey, pollen and royal jelly to our consumers as the main agricultural task. The sector contributes to pollination due to biological richness, as well as providing biological richness to the whole universe as well as healing people with bee products.”

“Therefore, we can say that our beekeepers make great contributions to the agricultural sector. As Turkey Beekeepers Association, our most important request from our Ministry, while we strive for the marketing without interrupting the supply of natural honey. So we naturally expect that the Ministry to hold hands of our beekeepers” Şahin added.

“First of all, it is absolutely necessary to register the honey produced by the beekeepers in order to distinguish between the honey which is called under the counter meaning produced in unhealthy conditions. These are available and can be taken in our regulations. As we believe that our Ministry can do it in a very short time with a project, as a mattet of fact expectation of our producers is in this direction” Şahin concluded…

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