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Zara honey yield expected to surge!

An increase is expected in the yield of Zara Honey, which is registered in Zara district of Central Anatolian province of Sivas. Honey production, which declined to 600 tonnes due to heavy rainfall in the previous year, is targeted between 900 and a thousand tonnes this year with favourable conditions.

Zara district, which hosts many endemic flower species with plants such as thyme, mint, honey vulture, willow, stone clover and keven in Sivas, opens to the world with geographically marked Zara Honey. The district, which has the richest floral flora in Türkiye, causes beekeepers to prefer Zara and its surroundings for honey production. In 2023, the honey yield, which fell with the heavy rains in the spring months of the year, is expected to soar this year. It is thought that the production of beekeepers will boost with the increasing flower flora in the highlands and mountains with sufficient rainfall.

Zeki Şimşek

Between 900 and a thousand tonnes of honey production is expected…

Zara Chamber of Agriculture Chairman Zeki Şimşek, who made statements on the subject, said, “This year, we are hopeful about honey compared to last year. Last year we said 500-600 tonnes of yield. This year our estimate is over 900 tonnes. Geographical Indication was received for Zara Honey in 2021. However, our registered Zara Honey producers are very few. Last year, around 30 producers applied, and the honey of 18 beekeepers was deemed appropriate.”

“This year we expect a honey yield of approximately 900 to one thousand tonnes. This may vary according to weather conditions, “he added…

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