Harvesting continues for sesame in Manavgat district of Antalya province, which are planted in the soil in May and carefully irrigated and cared for.

4.5 tonnes sesame expected this year…

Manavgat Chamber of Agriculture President Rasim Metin said that Manavgat sesame had an important place in history and it was used in Ottoman palace kitchens that was recorded in historical documents.

Metin stated that last year, around 40 thousand decares of sesame was planted in Manavgat and about 4 tons of sesame was harvested.

“This year, around 50 thousand decares of sesame has been cultivated and 4.5 tons of sesame is expected to be obtained. Depending on the care, 70 to 90 kilograms of products are yielded per decare. This year there has been a significant increase in production and quality,” Metin added.

Pointing out that the Antalya Cotton and Citrus Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union (ANTBİRLİK) and the Chamber made sesame purchases for the first time this year, Metin explained, “What we want is our producers to earn better and sell the sesame at its real value. That is why we protected their rights with a base price of 16 TL.”

Referring to the fact that sesame cultivation is difficult, Metin noted that cotton and wheat are harvested with machinery, but more manpower is needed for sesame.

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