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Stubble Fires; It is a National Issue…

The fight against stubble fires, which reduce soil yield and kill living creatures in the soil, has become the policy of the state in recent years. On the one hand, those who burn stubble are punished by the relevant articles of the Turkish Penal Code, while experts call on farmers not to burn stubble.

Yaşar Serpi, Vice President of the National Grain Council (UHK), warned those who insist on burning stubbles.

Indicating that the organic substance of Turkey’s soil is weak in general, Serpi stated, “Stubbles which mixed the soil after harvesting strengthen the organic structure of the soil. Underlining that the agricultural areas should be left to next generations in a healthy way, Serpi said, “Burning stubbles damage both the country and the farmer’s economy.”

Explaining that arable lands across Turkey is about 24 million hectares, about half of which is shared for grain planting, Serpi noted, “90 percent of the sown area belongs to ​​wheat and barley cultivation. In this context stubble fires consists of the biggest problem for the wheat and barley areas.”

Serpi continued his statement as follows; “Stubble fires which stood at 60 per cent 50 years ago in Turkey has dropped up to 10 percent due to farmers’ trainings and awareness-raising activities in recent years. While this is a good development, it is a national issue that must be eliminated altogether. Stubble burning is a disaster and a real environmental problem that has been carried out by the performers of this action who thought to be useful in the short time.”

Burning stubble penalty…

Emphasizin that the penalties related to stubble burning are insufficient, Serpi added, “The deterrence of punishments should be increased. Furthermore we should pay utmost attention to prevent stubble fires, to protect and reward our producers who do their job properly. Unfortunately stubble fires are an extremely important threat for our future and food safety.”

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