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Yalova Chestnut Honey receives geographical indication…

As a result of the application made by Yalova Beekeepers’ Association, Yalova chestnut honey became the 28th type of honey to receive a geographical indication in Türkiye. Information was given about the features and production conditions of Yalova chestnut honey.

Yalova (a north western province of Türkiye) chestnut honey, which is different from honey produced in other regions in terms of taste and characteristics, was registered with a geographical indication.

Yalova chestnut honey, for which a geographical indication application was made to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office 3 years ago by the Yalova Beekeepers’ Association, has reached a happy end. Chestnut honey, which 380 beekeepers in the province produce approximately 350 tonnes per year with 30 thousand hives, became the 28th honey type to receive a geographical indication in the country. Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Suat Parıldar said that after Yalova kiwi, Yalova aronia and Yalova curly sheep, Yalova chestnut honey was also registered with a geographical indication.

Suat Parıldar

“One of the criteria we use when obtaining a geographical indication is that our chestnut rate is more than 74 percent. Another criterion is that the proline value is above 540 milligrams. These 2 elements are the features that we can count among the prominent features of our Yalova chestnut honey,” he said.

“Another feature that distinguishes it from other chestnut honey is our linden ratio. The trace amount of linden in our chestnut honey offers a distinct flavour, a distinct taste to the aroma of our honey and this gives our Yalova chestnut honey a distinct value and a distinct place in our breakfasts and meals,” he added…

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