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World Wetlands Day – 2 February!

The World Wetlands Day, celebrated on 2 February, raises global awareness about the importance of wetlands for human prosperity and a healthy planet. The 2024 theme “Wetlands and Human Wellbeing” focuses on the interconnectedness between wetlands and various aspects of human wellbeing, including physical, mental and environmental health.

Wetlands offer vital freshwater, hosting over 100,000 species. They sustain humanity, exemplified by rice grown on wetland paddies, a staple for three billion people, contributing to 20% of global food. Additionally, wetlands act as natural shock absorbers, mitigating rainfall impacts and lowering flood and storm surge risks. 

Recognizing their importance, FAO is actively involved in supporting the conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of wetlands from the perspective of food security and agriculture, including crop and livestock production, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, while promoting integrated land and water resources management, and addressing the challenges posed by climate change, biodiversity, and the competing demands from different sectors.

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