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An event named “Fish is Health” was held in Narlıdere district of İzmir province…

An event themed “Fish is Health” was held in İzmir’s Narlıdere District to increase the habit of consuming fish and raise awareness among consumers.

Mustafa Özen

District Governor Suat Dervişoğlu and İzmir Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Director Mustafa Özen, as well as district supervisors, representatives of political parties and fishermen attended the event held at the Sahilevleri Fisherman’s Shelter.

Speaking at the opening of the event, Narlıdere District Governor Suat Dervişoğlu said, “We must protect the balance in our seas together. We are doing our part in this sense, but the main job is with our fishermen. We know that they are doing a very difficult job. At this point, I wish them comfort from Allah, their efforts are very sacred. On the occasion of the World Fisheries Day, I congratulate the day of our fishermen who perform this difficult profession.”

Mustafa Özen, İzmir Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, stated that he was happy to be together with fishermen and consumers as part of the Fish is Health Event organized by the District Directorate and Fisheries Cooperative to celebrate the 21st November Fisheries Day.

In his speech, Özen explained, “İzmir is a province with 629 km of coastline, nearly 7000 fishing boats, 28 fishermen’s shelters and an annual fishery potential of nearly 100 thousand tonnes. In fact, the great production potential of İzmir in all areas of agriculture is also present in aquaculture. This potential does not happen by itself, so our fishermen from Izmir are aware of this underwater value. As of September 1, we opened the hunting season and we have always said this: There is a fertile world under the water, just like our land.”

“But it is a world that must be protected. It is our fishermen who will protect this underwater world as our underwate existence. We carry out inspections, but it is also our fishermen who will take care of this world. And as long as they exist, we will continue to increase our production, which is 100 thousand tonnes this year, in İzmir. In this way, we will be able to catch sustainable aquaculture products,” Özen added…

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