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Mustafa Ertan Atalar, Diyabakır Provincial Manager of Agriculture and Forestry who visited Sur district, participated in the wheat harvest, made examinations in the field and evaluations about the yield of this year.

Atalar, who participated in the wheat harvest on the combine harvester, evaluated the yield and crop quality of this year together with the farmers of Sur District Agricultural Manager Mahmut Akbaş, the President of the Sur Chamber of Agriculture Mehmet Şirin Demir and local farmers.

Stating that the farmers have achieved the productivity they expect this year, Atalar shared the following data regarding the agricultural production in the province: “In 2020, we are harvesting in the wheat field. Approximately 4.5 million decares of grains and pulses are cultivated in Diyarbakır. This year we have a very good season in terms of yield due to the precipitation we have received for many years, over 250 millimeters and regular rains. We are with our farmers in the field and the yield is very high. This year we can see 600 kilograms per decare in barren areas.”

Emphasizing that this year’s harvest was fruitful and the farmer will be satisfied, Atalar said: “This year there is a good yield in harvest, we are having a good season. Our farmers do not have any problems in this regard. Grain purchase prices announced by our Ministry this year, as you know, the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) purchases the grains, corn products and lentils produced by the farmer through intervention purchases according to the situation.”

“Although the figures announced vary depending on the condition and quality of the product, it is around 1.7 TL. This figure was welcomed by our farmers in a joyful and positive way. These figures satisfied our farmers. The feedback we received from our farmers is in this direction. When we look at it from this aspect, I hope our farmers will smile this year,” Atalar added…

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