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Wheat yield falls in Konya plain!

While Konya Plain, known as the granary of Türkiye, left behind a dry season, a decrease is expected in the wheat yield compared to last year.

In Konya, 67 percent of the surface area of which is used as agricultural land, production is carried out in 2 million 200 thousand hectares of cultivation area. The lack of snowfall in the last winter period caused a decrease in yield. While the barley harvest has ended in the plain where there was no expected yield, wheat harvest has been completed by 80 percent.

“Frost and cold weather caused end gaps and grain gaps in wheat”

Chamber of Agricultural Engineers (ZMO) Konya Branch President Burak Kırkgöz, who noted that there was a loss of yield in wheat yield during the harvest period compared to previous periods, said: “Türkiye’s granary in Konya after the barley harvest, wheat harvest is currently continuing in the plain. We can say that 80 percent of the harvest has been completed. The extremely hot weather also accelerated the wheat harvest. The duration of the harvest is normally 15 days earlier. This is of course due to climatic reasons. This year, unfortunately, it seems that we will not be able to catch the expected yield in wheat harvest as in barley.”

Burak Kırkgöz

“As a result of the wheat harvest, unfortunately, some decreases in yield were observed in the fields where we had very good yields in these periods due to climatic reasons. At the moment, of course, the harvest is continuing in Konya region, but we estimate that the wheat harvest will be around 2 million tonnes,” he noted.

Pointing out that compared to last year, there was an increase of 5 percent in wheat cultivation areas, he added, “We thought that there would be a little more increase in our yield, but especially the spring rainfall was more beneficial for wheat than barley. Subsequent frost and cold weather during the flowering period caused end gaps and grain gaps in wheat. This caused a very serious decrease in yield. I hope it will be a fertile year.”

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