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Turkey’s wheat production is expected to increase by 17.6 percent this year from 2021 to 20 million tons, according to a report by the country’s grains council (UHK – National Grain Council).

In its March report, the UHK, which includes growers, business associations, scientists and non-governmental organizations, forecast that production would be 20.5 million tons, but cut its estimate in the latest edition by 500,000 tons to 20 million as precipitation in April was lower than expected.

The country’s wheat production was 17 million tons in 2021.

The UHK report came at a time when concerns over food security are growing amid the war in Ukraine, climate change, drought and the price increases in grains, particularly wheat, around the globe.

The report noted that wheat production is likely to drop by 15 percent compared to the previous year in the southeastern Anatolia region. But it said the production increases in other regions of the country, thanks to good precipitation, will make up for the output drop in Southeastern Anatolia.

The council also expects a 2 percent decline in production in the Aegean region.

Farmers plant 7.1 million hectares of land this year, which will yield some 20 million tons of wheat, the council added.

“The higher level of surface water reserves, the increase in the irrigated area, and precipitation in the first 10 days of May and favorable weather conditions will result in an increase in wheat production this year,” the report explained.

The council, however, predicted that barley production will decline by 18 percent due to less precipitation in Southeastern Anatolia, but the country’s barley production will be around 8.1 million tons, some 1.2 percent above the long-term average of 8 million tons.

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