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Wheat price reaches $444 per ton after fire breaks out at nuclear plant amid clashes between Ukrainian, Russian forces…


Following nuclear fears related to the fire that broke out in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant amid clashes with Russia, wheat prices neared the level of $500 per ton in US future contracts.

As of 0730 GMT, the price of wheat reached $444 per ton and $12.09 per bushel.

At the beginning of February, the price of wheat had been around $270 per ton.

The fire at Ukraine’s nuclear power plant has not affected essential equipment so far, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Other commodity prices also posted increases related to the recent developments in Russia-Ukraine war.

The price of Brent oil, which neared $120 level on Thursday, is now at around $112.

The ounce price of gold also hit $1,950 level on Thursday and balanced at around $1,937 on Friday.

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