The Food Coalition is a multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral alliance that will activate and mobilize support for unified global actions in response to COVID-19. The Food Coalition will support innovative COVID-19 initiatives, identified in the context of various synergistic lines of action, not only to ensure global food access, but also to increase the resilience of and, in many cases, the transformation of agri-food systems in a more sustainable manner. In response to the current emergency, the Food Coalition will support existing and future efforts to help countries get back on track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on Ending Hunger and Eradication of Poverty (SDG 2 and SDG 1).

The Food Coalition will also promote the establishment of a web-based hub that provides access to country needs and demands in the form of “Action Sheets” being developed by FAO’s (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) COVID-19 working groups, in close consultation with decentralized offices and national stakeholders. This will serve as a “Basket” of specific needs at all levels, where Members and other partners can easily access project-focused information and data as well as the funding gap on the ground, the type of assistance that would be required in order to facilitate mobilization of resources and expertise. The Action Sheets and their indicated project requirements will continually be updated.


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