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Baklava producers announced that they will take a break from pistachio baklava production for a while to protest the prices.

Mehmet Yıldırım, Chairman of the Board of Baklava and Dessert Producers Association (BAKTAD), said, “Let’s take a break from pistachio products for a while, let’s not produce them. Let’s make our products with walnuts and hazelnuts. Let’s take our people with us and convey this initiative to all our tradesmen. Our people deserve not just empty baklava, but baklava with lots of pistachio and walnuts.”

BAKTAD has prepared a series of action plans to protest the prices of pistachios for baklava, while its kg exceeds 440 liras and to fight against stockpiling. The prepared action plan was announced at a press conference held at a restaurant in Bahçelievler district of Istanbul with the participation of BAKTAD Board Members Mehmet Yıldırım, Necati Göksu, Nadir Güllü, Süleyman Köşkeroğlu, Ramazan Coşkun, Mehmet Helvacı and Haşim Fıstıkçıoğlu.


Mehmet Yıldırım, who made a statement at the meeting, said, “In the last month, using frost and hail as an excuse, pistachios have increased from 240 liras to 440 liras today. This is not an acceptable figure by the market. Due to the high level of informality in pistachios, some traders raise prices speculatively by making small purchases among themselves, after they pass from the producer to the trader.”

“Subsequently, these traders collect pistachios from the market by stockpiling and they raise prices by scaring the market because the crop is not available this year. This situation seriously damages the economy of our country, especially the baklava sector, which uses pistachios and the ice cream, kunefe, cake, Turkish delight, halva and chocolate sector,” he added…

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