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Deputy Sındır, “If it goes like this, we will fail the exam in rose industry”

CHP (Republican People’s Party) Izmir Deputy Professor Dr. Kamil Okyay Sındır brought the problems of the rose sector to the Assembly’s (Grand National Assembly of Turkey) agenda with a research and question proposal.

Referring to the importance of developing long-term and sustainable strategies in the rose sector, Dr. Sındır submitted a research proposal to the Presidency of the Assembly in order to ensure that the rose producers can afford their endeavours, to ensure technological innovation in the industry and to give the rose sector the necessary importance and support. He forwarded the demands of producers to the Minister of Agriculture Bekir Pakdemirli with the question proposal he gave related to the sector.

“Give ear to producers!”

Expressing the troubles of rose producers, Dr. Sındır said, “Today, the difficulties experienced in the processes of pathogenic diseases, care, natural disasters and marketing in the production of roses are weighing down the producers. Labour related problems are also among the most challenging issues for producers.”

“We own both the garden and the rose but they earn!”

Stating that rose is a strategic product, Dr. Sındır continued, “The creamy complex product made from rose oil and fresh rose leaves is used in almost 90 percent of the perfumes on sale. The value of the economic size of total perfume industry in European Union is 7.5 billion Euros and the sector is growing day by day. As rose oil goes out of our country, it creates an added value between 5 and 7 times until it is used in the perfume industry. After converting to perfume, this ratio can be expressed in 10 to 100 times. This is our rose garden, but they are the earners. Stopping this is possible with the right policies.”

“If you support, the rose gets its name!”

“Last year, producers sold the rose for 8 liras to buyers and this year our producers hardly sell it for 5 liras and they cannot even meet their expenses with the product they sell. It is possible with a real structuring and support for the rose producers to see hope in the sector. Support it so that the rose gets its name,” Dr. Sındır added…

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