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While Turkey exported 5 billion 111 million dollars of fresh fruit, vegetables and products in 2021, the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters’ Association contributed 23 percent to Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports with a performance of 1 billion 182 million dollars. While pepper and gherkin pickles were the leader with 220 million dollars, the leader of the fresh fruit and vegetable group was table grapes with 68 million dollars.

Türkiye´nin yaş üzüm ihracatı yüzde 88 arttı
Table grapes

Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters’ Association Chairperson Hayrettin Uçak stated that they will make an effort to turn young people into the agricultural sector in 2022.

Uçak said, “We have decided to implement training programmes for students in order to raise conscious third generation farmers. With the Climate Sensitive Third Generation Agricultural Entrepreneurship Education Framework Programme, which will be held in cooperation with the Cemre Movement, SÜGEP Academy and universities, 6-week training programmes on sustainable and conscious production and marketing will be provided to young people who are interested in agriculture. Young people will be brought into the agricultural sector.”

“We will focus on producer and exporter meetings to prevent the residue problem and we will continue to expand the scope of our ‘We Know the Pesticides We Use’ project, which we have implemented in 9 fruits in 2020. Another topic we will focus on will be to prepare a project for the determination and prevention of food losses,” Uçak added…

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